Leipzig – authentic and close-up

The metropolis is one of the most lively cities in Germany. Thus it is no surprise that the city booms, especially because it has ranked third place of the most livable cities in Europe in 2007. But how to experience the atmosphere away from the crowds in an authentic fashion? And with which insider tips can one feel the exciting pulse of the modern city in the heart of Germany?

Experience Leipzig in new ways

Two born-and-bred Leipzig insiders have committed themselves to let others, who are looking for the colourful, authentic and adorable essence of the city, experience their very own Leipzig highlights as well. And what could be better to achieve that than challenges, which guide you through the city almost by itself?

Explore exciting spots with City Challenger

Explore Leipzig on a one-day discovery trip with City Challenger in a way how young Leipzig-ers know and love it. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of this thrilling city and get to know not only known and hidden places, but also the local people. With City Challenger that is actually quite easy. You can pick from 18 different challanges or try to accomplish all of them on a single day. Naturally, a challenge is more fun when attempted in a group. Therefore, we recommend a group size of 2-7 players. On our page find a group you can look for other challengers or be found by them. Challenge accepted?!